How to Spot High-Quality Supplements and Avoid Counterfeits and Scams

How to Spot High-Quality Supplements and Avoid Counterfeits and Scams


It’s hard to be a consumer in the health and wellness space… So many offerings and so many promises when it comes to dietary and weight loss supplements.

How can you avoid the wasted time, wasted money, and frustration and spot high-quality supplements worthy of consumption?

Well anyone who’s spent any amount of time shopping on the internet can say that have had their attention hijacked at one point or another by a glamorous story of quick and painless weight loss with promises that these results come by merely drinking a tea or using fizzy pink drink (thank you gender-biased marketing!).

Or maybe you just find it completely overwhelming to know which product to buy. I can tell you that I know the feeling of overwhelm when is the supplement aisle. So many products, formulations, strengths. Where do you even start?

Well, there is a way to protect yourself and trust the products your stocking in your cabinets. It just takes a little effort and time to do your research.

Know what you’re taking and the risks

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk. As a health-conscious consumer, it is important for you to know exactly what and why you are taking a medication or supplement.

I recommend choosing supplements with good evidence to support their use. This starts by knowing your health and your health needs. New technology and epigenetics allow us to tailor nutrition therapy to you providing high-quality whole food nutritional supplements that take your individual needs into account.

We believe that the easiest and most reliable way to get results in weight loss, nutrition, and health optimization is to work one on one with a trained healthcare provider and nutritionist to determine exactly what your body might be lacking.

If you are interested in a functional medicine consultation and nutritional supplement recommendation please reach out for your individual review.


Check for quality and purity

Checking for quality and purity is essential to ensure that each supplement you are consuming is delivering high-quality results. Otherwise, what’s the point of taking it!

Purity means are the ingredients listed on the supplement are what is actually inside of the bottle. This can be verified by third party testing or “in-house” testing where the manufacturer completes its own analysis for quality, purity, and toxicology. Toxicology ensures that no additional or potentially harmful ingredients have made their way into the mix. Things like heavy metals, microbes, or other contaminants.

Testing certifies that what’s on the label is in the bottle. A huge benefit to consumers!



The internet is full of counterfeit supplements and ones with really no clinical benefits to your health. Counterfeit supplements even have the potential to be harmful or toxic depending on what is actually in the product your taking.


What’s the easiest way to spot high-quality supplements with excellent standards

I look for supplements that carry seals such as NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) or the USP Dietary Supplement Verification which also helps assure customers that they are getting a product that meets certain quality and purity standards. The U.S. Pharmacopeia is another third-party certifying agency. You may also want to look for other labeling practices such as NonGMO, gluten, soy-free if you have any dietary restrictions or food sensitivities.


Do your research prior to buying

First off if it sounds too good to be true, whether that’s a weight loss promise or an excellent price, it probably is too good to be true.

Remember these steps:
How is the company testing?
Is this price or offer too good to be true?
Do I need this product to support my health and will it interact with any of my current medications or supplements?

At Soal Wellness we pride ourselves on providing reliable, scientific, and actionable content to get you to your health goal and thrive in your busy world. That means getting rid of the fluff and giving you only content that has been proven to work in the weight loss and wellness space.

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