How to Eat Guilt Free Through the Holidays without Weight Gaining Weight

How to Eat Guilt Free Through the Holidays without Gaining Weight

Pumpkin spice lattes and holiday planning are in full effect. Some love the feel of the cool fall air and changing seasons, but for countless others, it means dread and worry for the upcoming holiday season. 

Are you someone who dreads the holiday season and gatherings because of food guilt or fear of weight gain? Many people start planning a comeback long before the holiday season has even begun, fearing an inevitable weight gain during the two months leading up to the new year. 

How to Eat Guilt Free Through the Holidays without Weight Gaining Weight
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But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What would it feel like to head to the holiday season and your next holiday party confidently? Knowing that the next catered lunch and tray of sweets sent to your office don’t mean you’ll feel guilty and have to spend an extra hour in the gym that week. Can you imagine feeling confident that you could lose weight and still enjoy the holidays without guilt or fear of weight gain? You can feel in control and still hit your health and weight loss goals this holiday season. 


When it comes to eating guilt-free during the holidays, what we tell ourselves and our mindset around the event is likely one of the most important factors in maintaining our weight and moving toward our goals.


So if you feel food guilt come up around the holidays, think about what might be driving these feelings. 


Could it be the stress of seeing family members, travel, or concern for weight gain? Maybe it’s something else, but by creating a mindful approach around the event and the holiday expectations, we can avoid negative emotions or emotional reactions that might come up during these times. When it comes down to it, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s are just a meal. 


Eat and enjoy yourself, but make sure that you have a plan to drop any guilt or negative emotion and get back into your routine the next day. 


Here are five easy tips to stay on track during the holidays. 

  • Do not skip meals and stay consistent with your food/eating schedules. 
    • Pay attention to hunger cues, and eat when you are hungry.
    • Tune in and be mindful while eating. Avoid the temptation to overeat. 
  • Prioritize protein at every meal, especially at breakfast. 
  • Drink enough water! It’s easy to get off track during the holidays. 
  • Stay active. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to an intense workout or run a 5k, but maybe you rally everyone out of the house for a walk or physical activity. In fact, physical activity was a Thanksgiving tradition of many in years past. If the adults aren’t on board, then rally the kids. Create memories and be the favorite aunt or uncle who rallied the troops for basketball or flag football!
  • Don’t stress! Aim to stay consistent with your food and nutrition goals 80% of the time. If you do this, you’ll easily maintain your health goals this holiday season. 


What three goals can you consider to keep yourself on track during the holiday? 

  •  __________________________
  •  __________________________
  •  __________________________


Medical weight loss and nutrition are great options to help you follow through and hit your goals this holiday season. To learn more, book a free consultation call. 


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