Not Another Failed New Year’s Resolution

Not Another Failed New Year’s Resolution

It’s estimated that as many as 44% of Americans set New Years Resolutions, and health and wellness resolutions are among the top resolutions made.  Unfortunately only about 14% of people who set a resolution are successful. 


Before you jump on the new years resolution bandwagon it’s wise to really get clear on exactly what you’re looking to achieve. 


It’s true, many of our clients come to us looking for help with weight loss,and we are especially busy in the new year. But at Soal Wellness, we want your goal to be so much more than a number on a scale,  we want you to feel the genuine benefits of being committed to a lifetime of health and fitness, and see long lasting health and fitness. 


The Goal Isn’t Weight Loss. It’s a Lifetime of Health and Fitness


We’re going to let you in on a secret – just because someone is “skinny” or “thin” doesn’t mean they’re healthy.  When you partner with Soal Wellness, we can definitely help you healthily work toward your ideal weight for your height, body type, and genetics. But, we firmly believe that the goal should never just be about weight loss – it should be a commitment to overall health and wellness. 


We all want to live healthy, fulfilling lives, and at Soal Wellness, our programs focus on three pillars of wellness: nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. When you focus on actually being healthy, weight loss will certainly come, but there are so many added benefits to making conscious decisions about what we eat, how much we exercise, and how we manage our stress levels. It’s more than just looking good—it’s about feeling good, too. Taking the time to focus on health and wellness can help you achieve a lifetime of physical, mental, and emotional health. . 


Here are some of our goals for you, beyond just weight loss: 


Improved Mental Health –  When you practice healthy habits like getting enough sleep, eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, and managing stress levels, you will find that you have more energy and clarity of mind during the day. This improved mental state can lead to better concentration while working or studying, as well as an improved overall mood. 


Improved Physical Health – Taking care of your body extends far beyond aesthetics; regular exercise can help improve cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, posture and bone density—all important aspects of physical health that should be maintained throughout life. Regular exercise reduces stress, increases energy and endorphin levels, and reduces your risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes.  


Improved Nutrition – A balanced diet is essential for good health and when combined with exercise it can help reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke and cancer. Eating nutritious foods keeps your body strong and energized throughout the day. Foods high in fiber are especially important as they keep you feeling fuller for longer while also aiding digestion. Eating regular meals helps maintain stable blood sugar levels which prevents energy crashes caused by low blood sugar levels. On top of that, certain vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables are key to keeping our bodies functioning properly. 


Achieve Total Wellness With Soal Wellness

At Soal Wellness, we are committed to you achieving your goal in 2023 and beyond. We do that by completing an in-depth health exam  that includes an assessment of your personal and family history, current health concerns and symptoms, genetics, medications, supplements, and nutrition. We consider your current lifestyle and food preference and utilize biometric and body scan technology combined with extensive lab tests, including blood work and hormone testing. We can personalize a program to help you achieve your weight loss goals, but our goal is for you to reap the countless benefits of a commitment to overall health and fitness. 


If you’re ready to get clear on your 2023 health and fitness goals, we’d be glad to help you get started and execute your plan like never before. 


Contact us today to get started! 

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