Medical Weight Loss Services in Phoenix

Medical Weight Loss Services in Phoenix

Find the proper guidance for your Weight Loss journey with Soal Wellness

We at Soal Wellness LLC are aware that the process of losing weight can be trying and tough. We are here to assist you whether your goal is to lose a lot of weight or just a few pounds. Regardless of how much weight a patient wants to lose, our medical weight loss programme is created to match their specific needs.

Customized weight loss strategy

Our program’s ability to be completely tailored to the demands of each patient is one of its advantages. Our staff will collaborate with you to create a strategy that is customised to your unique needs and goals. This guarantees that you’ll be able to get the outcomes you want in the fastest, most efficient manner feasible.

Our medical weight loss programme is made to cover nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications in addition to other areas of weight loss.

Medical Weight Loss Services in Phoenix

We begin by thoroughly assessing your present state of health, which includes a medical history, physical exam, and laboratory tests. With the help of this data, a customised plan is made that tackles any underlying medical issues as well as your individual requirements and objectives.

Proper guidance from experts throughout weight loss journey

Medi Weight Loss Programe

Our medically supervised weight loss program’s other advantage is that it. Our program’s head doctor, Dr. Julie Hinman, will monitor your development over time and make any required changes to your plan to make sure you are progressing toward your objectives. This level of medical oversight is crucial for making sure your weight loss journey is both secure and successful.


We provide a range of different services in addition to our medical weight reduction programme to assist our patients in losing weight. These services include of follow-up appointments, continuing support, and nutrition and exercise coaching. Together with you, our team of professionals will create a detailed plan that has all the elements required to produce the outcomes you seek.

Nutrition counselling - crucial part of weight loss journey

Our weight loss approach includes nutrition counselling as a crucial element. Our certified dietitians will collaborate with you to develop a customised meal plan that is suited to your unique requirements and objectives. Additionally, they will give you information and support to aid in choosing nutritious foods and achieving long-term weight loss.

Eat Healthy Live Healthy
Health and body analysis of body composition

Another essential element of our weight loss approach is exercise. Your fitness level and goals will be taken into account as our experienced personal trainers collaborate with you to create a safe and efficient exercise programme. Additionally, they will give you information and support to make exercise a regular part of your routine.

Additional assistance and follow up appointments

The assistance and follow-up appointments we offer are a crucial component of our programme. To help you stay on track, our staff will work with you to set reasonable goals and will offer continuing support and encouragement. Regular follow-up sessions are set up to check on your development and make any required modifications to your strategy.

We at Soal Wellness LLC are committed to giving our patients the help and direction they require to reach their weight loss objectives. We are here to support you at every step of the way because we are aware of the difficulties you may encounter. To arrange your appointment with Dr. Julie Hinman and begin your path to a better and happier you, contact us right away.

Monitor your Metabolism

Our medical weight loss programmes in Phoenix are made to provide you the greatest outcomes possible. We give continuing assistance and follow-up appointments because we recognise that weight reduction is a journey rather than a destination. This way, we can make sure that our patients achieve and maintain their targeted weight loss outcomes. We support a comprehensive strategy for weight loss, which takes into account not only the emotional but also the mental and emotional components of losing weight. In order to assist you in safely and effectively achieving and maintaining your weight loss objectives, Soal Wellness LLC will be there for you at every stage of the process.

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Soal Wellness LLC
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Scott RattiganScott Rattigan
18:46 02 Aug 22
Julie truly cares about her patients and takes the time to learn about their unique needs. I am grateful she is able to share her wisdom and knowledge with us.
Kaylee DuffyKaylee Duffy
06:06 20 Jul 22
Julie is knowledgeable, kind, experienced, and compassionate. She is a great guide if you are having trouble losing weight/getting healthy. It's much more than just working out, and she will teach you all of that. Health is the best investment you can make & working with Julie is an amazing step to take.
Tina MerrickTina Merrick
01:47 04 Jul 22
Working with Julie has been a breath of fresh air. She takes a whole health approach and breaks down the barriers. I feel knowledgeable, supported and understood on a personal level. Getting here has been a profound trip for sure but I am building on the things she has taught me to advocate for my future. Feeling better moving better, and supporting my body has never felt so good. Not to mention I can eat without so much shame and guilt. Thank you !
kevin winninghamkevin winningham
21:41 18 Jun 22
Working with Julie at Soal Wellness helped me to dig down to the core of my eating habits. We started with basic day to day goals with no shame even when I would "accidentally" eat a bag or two of Cheetos. She gave me simple delicious recipes and got me cooking with fresh foods. I never thought I would kick my lifelong addiction to Diet Pepsi but with Julie's gentle urging I was able to quit! Julie's understanding and encouragement helped me to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Jordan OdleJordan Odle
21:22 08 Jun 22
Dr. Julie is very knowledgeable and great at what she does. I came in with concerns about my general health and wondering what it was I needed to meet my physical fitness goals and gain some muscle mass. Dr. Julie took the time to sit with me and talk about my history, current symptoms, and goals and then came up with an individualized plan of what I would need to accomplish my goals. She was thorough and explained everything. It can be hard to find a doctor that cares this much but she truly does. I highly recommend her if you have concerns about your health and goals with your weight or fitness.

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